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Try our first DigiFable "A Code to Humanity: Episode 1" here:

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A Code to Humanity

New release
Try part one of our newly released DigiFableTM: A CODE TO HUMANITY. Available now for Android-devices. Experience an immersive dystopian world, as the story adapts to your choices.

‘A Code to Humanity’ is a thrilling sci-fi adventure, set in a dystopian near-future, drawing inspiration from the fictional worlds of Blade Runner, Warhammer 40000 and Deus Ex.
In classic multipath adventure-fashion, the listener is required to make decisions at key moments, to which the story then adapts. Therefore, there are many different endings to experience – good, as well as bad.
Choose wisely.


A totalitarian and fascist regime known as The Sovereignty has overthrown the old government. Now,as the old world lies in ruind, the Supreme Overseer rules with an iron fist from his fortress located in the heart of the chrome and neon mega-metropolis, New Ascension.

The Sovereignty aims to eradicate the flaws of human nature by equipping the wealthy with cybernetic augmentations, and condemning all who cannot afford them to a life on the brink of death.

Refusing to give way to fear, you fight alongside the small resistance group known as The Uprising together with your sister Cassandra and close friend Becca. As a hope to end the war reveals itself, the fate of humanity as we know it is in your hands…

The official poster for "A Code To Humanity"


What are DigiFablesTM?

DigiFablesTM are Mythmaker Media’s series of interactive audiobooks, where you as the listener take center stage within the story, as it adapts and reflects your choices throughout the narrative to create a personalized experience.

With a nuanced and exciting sound design, a DigiFable is meant to fully immerse the listener into the story’s environment to a degree, where you can almost visualize the world around you.

DigiFables are for everyone, who love story-driven games and entertainment.

Try our demo “In Harms Way”

To experience our DigiFables-series for yourself, either download our first DigiFable “A Code to Humanity: Episode 1” for Android or iOS, or try our small demo “In Harms Way” in the player below.

What do you get when experiencing a DigiFable?

  • Immersive sound design.
  • Professional voice acting.
  • A personalized adventure.
  • Multiple storylines and endings to experience.

About Mythmaker Media

At Mythmaker Media, we produce immersive and personalized story-driven audio experiences. We believe that the best stories are those, which allow you to be more than just a passive observer of the plot.
Our vision is to build fascinating universes through sound, music and character voices, in which you act as the main character.

Mads Stagis

Sound designer & Co-founder

Christian Lade

Project manager & Co-founder

Jonas Bjerregaard

Creative director & Co-founder

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